Many years ago, my sister and I embarked on one of our first solo road trips. It may have only been to San Francisco to visit our grandparents, but it was still a big step for us both.

I was co-captain while she drove… We listened to our Reality Bites soundtrack along with our Non-Stop 90’s Rock CD the whole way.

On this road trip the phrase “WE MUST DOCUMENT THE VOYAGE” was born. My sister and I decided early on that we needed a catchphrase for this and all our future adventures. To this day, we still shout it when we see something we want to document, remember, and share.

The infatuation with documenting my adventures all started with the infamous Milk Farm sign in Dixon, California. There is no restaurant there anymore, there hasn’t been for years, but the sign still remains as, in my opinion, a national treasure. When we (my brother, sister, and I) were little and on our way to San Francisco, our dad would start singing the Milk Farm Song (which is basically saying Milk Farm over and over again in a singsongy voice), it became a family tradition of sorts, and we all still do it, even if there is no one else in the car.

The Milk Farm is a tell tale sign that you are about halfway to San Francisco, no need for mile markers when you have landmarks like this! It’s one of my favorite sites to see in California, although it is always left out of the travel books.

p.s. my sister has a blog about living and eating in San Francisco, CHECK IT OUT!


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