Idaho Day Two

A wee treat before the wedding…

Jordan and Emily, writers of The Answer is Always Pork enjoyed some ice cream and a lovely walk around the docks.


We also got to see some “nature” down at the river. A dead baseball hat floating along


The Wedding!!! 

The whole reason why we made the journey to beautiful Coeur D’Alene was go to to the wedding of my childhood friend Peter and his new wife Michaela. They are two of the most beautiful people inside and out and I was so honored to a part of the ceremony. Michaela planned an absolutely stunning wedding, I was blown away with all of the planning and time she put into this day, it was incredible. I didn’t feel like taking pictures in the church was respectful, so I will just show you their BAD ASS “get away” car.


The church was really lovely, and the ceremony was so sweet and thoughtful. I cried the whole time and I am not embarrassed about it!! 4MbC-bi7Y-J5mmyISZxP4Zl0GF2kkUC5ctQ0xvBzCzI,4chbzHtd1KdzPKUj45vyj6BLbDUUnEUWRqBPKVf_z1c

After the wedding,  the wedding party and all the  guests went on a little drive into the forest and stumbled upon the reception. It was breathtaking! The reception was held  at Settlers Creek, a historic place and event venue in Coeur D’Alene. Settlers Creek had this enormous grassy area, a beautiful gazebo for pictures, and a barn that will melt your heart with its beauty.


The upstairs in the barn had these gorgeous twinkle lights hanging from the ceiling, I now wish I lived in an apartment with vaulted ceilings so I could decorate my own home like this! 9-eMd9S0PFpCcnFN8VRd8J0fZv6t6a08TS1fp0zlxvo,bPvlQkc5t76xekRMWb9hdZ_a2uJqEzzTiPX-2cP5-xI

Plus they have these badass smoker cooker things… I was WAY into them. h6eoGRkra5wZS4WU3NSoLLCkHYdpBkk855ORA9RTKlk,2JqlTOIE164WPaich4D3UhLutoUe2_3Gtk4-cZ-Bzeg

The forrest around the venue was lovely as well! It was so fresh and green and smelt amazing!!


I didn’t have any one sitting at my table for a good portion of the dinner… my sister loves to make fun of me not having any friends, and this has given her fuel for the next few months.

PyMhVffS7KIsDY99AkGHm-F_EjZgSuHoZP6FSjazXHcThe beautiful couple spent most of the afternoon and evening visiting with guests and making us feel welcome in Idaho.

Finally it was cake time!! The happy couple took turns feeding each other cake and looking absolutely adorable!

The rest of the evening was filled with a beautiful sunset and some serious dancing!

I’m happy to know that my sister and I and our friend Kevin know nearly all of the words to Gangstas Paradise.


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