Idaho Day 3!

The morning after the wedding, the bride’s family invited us over for brunch. They had a beautiful backyard and giant raspberry bushes that the berries were jumping off of! I picked so many throughout the morning. If you have never had fresh off the bush raspberries, you haven’t lived. they are SO good. I highly recommend finding a raspberry bush near you.

M-ua7bnBQ7oVAa7KMksYflkhbggRsoVCxWdTtTcMBEcAfter brunch we spend a little more time in the downtown area of Coeur D’Alene. We walked around the floating board walk and saw some fancy boats!Zv4cwJ7GRtwj0dNNDhSM6Jb6miRGIMNNs1TIX71_N9w

We saw this amazing FISH SLAYER license plate!

jTsYB85iPl0bNLoj9H_iDo6u_cB_94BVfKSBQa5EXxg The water was so blue and beautiful on the lake, I wanted to just jump right in! Unfortunately, I had already packed away my swim suit and didn’t want to ruin my dress, but next time I visit beautiful Idaho, I will make sure to bring it along. z5MsPOmEkDRZYmmFK3MGQUd4zPj1lUnUFW5pCSBLTK0,kYG98DLUdyO5yFsB1EUF1r8J54wSZpelcQw1Tiigs_E

whoa. seriously guys, I did not expect Idaho to be so beautiful, I’m glad to share that I was taken by surprise by The Gem State and I can’t wait to go back!


BONUS! They have AWESOME buffalo art.


They also had Pirates!!! Not quite as impressive as the Black Pearl, but still pretty darn good.

EIJxueIKRw5ugMC02uhogYJyQRhCGLh_CJuqB8rH6A0,VggTHqP2uYpPtK0wdMTmpM_f73FblrZUSylR4A5B7-A I even got to see an old friend from college that lives in Idaho now. Matt Molen! He’s a brilliant artist that specializes in animation and illustration. You can check out some of his work here


Overall Idaho was a great little mini-vacation! It was a great escape from city life for a few days and has given me a new forest to visit when going to the Redwoods of Northern California get old (like that will ever happen!) I fell in love with Idaho almost instantly and I miss it already. Plus their airports are so friendly, you have a nice day too!


Goodbye Idaho, I love you!



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