Sell it all; hit the road

I don’t reblog too many things on this blog…but THIS…seriously…THIS
this is my dream! sell everything and hit the road (except replace the adorable kid with an adorable corgi!) Joss and Jessa Works, you guys are amazing. I am so envious right now and I hope to be living in your shoes soon!

The Mountains Are Calling

A nice video from Dark Rye, an online magazine from Whole Foods.

Joss and Jessa Works, and their son Jack, decided to sell everything and hit the open road in an Airstream trailer, “launching into an exploration and rediscovery of America, not in search of a place to settle, but rather creating a new kind of home out of wandering.” Working and staying connected with friends and family remotely, the Works talk about the decision to upend their lives and one of their most important early lessons — slow down.

Tomorrow Somewhere New from Dark Rye on Vimeo.

Ever consider this?

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2 thoughts on “Sell it all; hit the road

  1. So awesome – a brilliant and worthy reblog it was too. they’re kinda lucky that their work doesn’t require them to be tied to one place – most people – myself included, are needed in the workplace for actual face to face interaction and have no real hope of breaking out like this. One can but dream though! Airstreams are amazing iconic things – so much want!

    • Yeah, it’s nice that they can work from the road. Im not really getting into a line of work that will allow me to do that either, but I think I might just not have a job for a while and actually enjoy my life for a little bit. Plus, when Travel Channel or History Channel picks me up, my job will be to drive around and enjoy things!! 😉

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