Summer in Los Angeles Part 3

After a lovely day with my grandmothers I cruised over to Hollywood for a night out with my good friend Ted who I haven’t seen in years!

2013-08-14 15.16.33

Ted is a filmmaker in Los Angeles and has a film crew/youtube channel, who are on the verge of viral called WorstFriendsComedy  <– Click there to see a few hilarious videos they have just posted! Ted and I go way way back, back to when we were just wee little middle schoolers who rode the bus together. We were once in a musical together where his character never talked, and I had such terrible stage fright that the only time I was on stage was when Ted’s character tries to grab my butt and I have to run away giggling…ah…good times 🙂

Welcome to Ted and Addie’s House… 

2013-08-14 15.19.19

Ted and Addie’s AMERICA wall…2013-08-14 15.18.55

Crystals, Design Book, and Toshiba Radio/Tape Player (super hipster sidetable)

We hit the town with Ted’s roommate Addie (who I also went to school with) and cruised by La Cuevita aka Little Cave and had a few drinks. This bar…was awesome. The inside was too dark for pictures, but there were bat and skull decorations everywhere!! I wanted to take them home with me…it gave me some inspiration for my Halloween/Year Round decorations for my apartment!


Not only were there awesome bats all over the walls and ceilings…but also, it was Taco Tuesday!! Free Tacos? Los Angeles…I am starting to warm up to you! 2013-08-14 15.16.58

and let me tell you…these tacos, fresh salsa, and home made tortillas made my heart melt. I thought I had died and gone to taco heaven, they were absolutely amazing. I highly recommend this bar, it’s in the Highland Park area and well worth the drive (as long as you have a designated driver to get you home) . It was an amazing night, filled with tacos, drinks, laughter, snap chats, white girl dancing and much, much more.


2013-08-14 15.26.49

After last call, we cruised back down Hollywood Boulevard in search of Claire’s Favorite Drunchie Snack…

2013-08-14 15.17.21

dnutsThey were delicious, even though I know they have been sitting in that case for at least 20 hours.

Finally, it was time to head back to Ted’s lovely apartment in Silver Lake where I took my rightful place on the Monkey Throne

2013-08-14 15.19.34

Goodnight Hollywood…you’re not half bad


2 thoughts on “Summer in Los Angeles Part 3

  1. Hollywood is a fun place to visit. It may be a bit to snobbish but while in California, hit Beverly Hills, too. To see nice beaches, Orange County will be fun!

    • Most of southern California is nice to visit, I dont know if I could live in all that sunshine. Haha! It is nice to cruise down the coast and see where all the beautiful and rich people live. Santa Monica and Venice are amazing as well, great art in santa monica!! LA is also great because it is so close to some amazing deserts as well!

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