Summer in Los Angeles Part 4

Morning after my night out with Ted, I decided to drive up through the Hollywood Hills and see….THE SIGN…before I headed back up to Sacramento. Although I have been going to Los Angeles my whole life, I have never seen the Hollywood Sign. It’s one of the most iconic parts of California History, but it just happens to be off a highway that I rarely drive on when Im on my way south.

2013-08-14 15.19.47The drive up to the sign is long, slow, and windy, but absolutely beautiful. The roads leading to the sign are where all the rich and beautiful people of California live, so the houses are breathtaking and the trees, flowers, and landscaping is amazing. I recommend making the drive early though, it does it hot and crowded as the day wears on. You can take a hike up through the hills, but that was going to take a bit too long and I had to get on the road quickly. I will save it for next time!

2013-08-14 15.22.30

So exciting! Finally seeing the sign up close and personal!! There was another couple of tourists there taking pictures, they asked where I was from and I had to laugh and say California. They wished me well on my journeys and drove away to continue their adventure through Los Angeles.

2013-08-14 15.21.39

2013-08-14 15.23.18

The city, the smog, and the beauty of nature2013-08-14 15.22.05


Overall, my visit to Los Angeles has sparked a new hope in my heart that I will someday enjoy my time in the Southern part of the state at least half a much as I enjoy myself on the North Coast. But until then, goodbye Hollywood! See you next year!


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