To the few, but loyal…

Hello my beautiful followers and readers, I must apologize for not being quicker about posting. When I am on the road it is very difficult for me to blog as I am usually away from my computer, constantly driving, and often without consistent internet service. I am fairly new to the blogosphere and underestimated how long it would take me to write and perfect each blog post. All of the images I use I have to personally sift through, scan or transfer, edit, then upload, and this can be quite tiresome. I have also recently just started back up at University of Edinburgh and have been drowning in school work.

But never fear my lovelies! I have weeks and weeks of posts queued up and ready to go, so you will have daily updates! 

I know that summer is closing to an end and a lot of my posts over the next few weeks will focus on summer time activities I participated in, but hopefully seeing endless pictures of lovely sunshine and smiles will help make the autumn and winter slightly less cold and dark. Although, in Edinburgh it is currently cloudy, windy, rainy, and my thermometer says it’s 55 degrees, but I think it is a liar, it feels much colder than that…so much for autumn!

My goal with this blog is to document my experiences and adventures and share them with the rest of the universe. So when you are deciding where your next holiday will be, I hope you consult the oracle (my blog) and use the information I have published as a guide of sorts to help you map out your own voyages.



QcZPIcT9v-z_CzRZyEptQ14XMD3ADRuhJ_2GM9ORgoMYour brave and fearless leader, Clairey-Cat-Hands


One thought on “To the few, but loyal…

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