Welcome to America!

Photo 15-08-2013 09 29 37This was Rob’s first visit to America!! He arrived in San Francisco on a lovely Monday afternoon, we went to my grandma’s house for a shower, nap, and snack before heading into the city to have dinner at my sister’s house. Although he doesn’t look very thrilled to be here in this picture, I promise you HE was the most excited.

After a short drive from South San Francisco to the lovely Lower Nob Hill area, we arrived at my sisters apartment to be greeted by a Willow Pillow Puppy (the greyhound) and Zoe (the dachshund), along with some of my sisters friends who were over for dinner.

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 4.17.31 PM

54f8d74ce90711e29a9022000aa82198_7Photo of Willow courtesy of emilyvoigtlander’s instagram feed

For dinner, Emily made Enchiladas Suizas. If you like cooking or if you like eating, this recipe (and many others) can be found on her blog! Although the recipe calls for chicken enchiladas, she so lovingly made Rob and me some vegetarian ones that had only cheese. They are unbelievably good. It was Rob’s first experience with proper Californian Mexican food, and it was an overall success! He still raves about the corn salsa and has been trying to bribe his mother and I to make him some since we have been back in Edinburgh.

enchiladas-suizas-15Picture courtesy of The Answer is Always Pork and Emily.

Although Rob’s first day in America was really only half a day, it was still full of excitement, yummy food, family, fun, dogs…really, what more can you ask for?!


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