West coast best coast road trip 2

San Francisco Continued…

Golden Gate Park!

Photo 15-08-2013 09 29 56

We went to Golden Gate Park for a little walk around before hitting Haight Street. Golden Gate Park is absolutely enormous. It has lovely attractions within the park itself. The carousel is my favorite, and very cheap to go on (Adults $2, Children $1).  Rob wouldn’t let me ride on it, but I observed it longingly from a distance. Golden Gate Park also has the Academy of Sciences which is a beautiful and eco friendly museum with a lot of different exhibits and hands on fun for the kids. It is a little pricey to get in to, but you can easily spend hours and hours there learning about our world. Also, they do have a couple of free weekends posted on their website, so if your trip to San Francisco falls on one of those weekends, you are in luck! Check out their website for more information. Another popular part of the park is the Japanese Tea Garden. It is a stunning environment to relax and drink tea in any day of the year. I would live in the gardens if I could!

On top of all of the above mentioned attractions, there are also REAL buffalo that live in the park, the De Young Museum, Strawberry Hill (an island inside the park known for it’s waterfall, wildlife, and hiking trails), and…if you are extra adventurous and have no shame…SEGWAY TOURS!!! With over 1000 acres to explore, it could take you your entire trip to San Francisco to explore the whole thing, which doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me!  For more information about the park and the exciting attractions and events, visit their website.

After our little adventure in Golden Gate Park, we walked up Haight Street for one reason, and one reason only…Amoeba Records.

Photo 15-08-2013 09 30 33

Amoeba is the worlds LARGEST independent record store. With three locations, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Hollywood, you can easily find yourself getting lost in its rows and rows and rows of records, CD’s, DVD’s and music memorabilia. Amoeba is a GIANT warehouse type shop that has more music than anyone could listen to in their entire lives. The staff may look a bit cool, and you may be frightened to talk to them in fear of their judgement raining down upon you, or maybe that’s just me…but they can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. I recommend going in with a list of things you might want, because going in to browse is impossible. Their are often live events, DJ’s, record signings, etc going on in store, so check out their website to see if your favorite band will be stopping by anytime soon. It’s a really incredible experience to go in there, for any music lovers out there, it is definitely definitely DEFINITELY worth making the trip to Haight Street to check it out.

Other than that..Haight street is a bit over priced, crowded, and not very fun. There are a lot of “hippies” and “vintage” stores, but mostly I try and avoid it otherwise. If you’re in the area it might be worth driving down the street, but really, there are much cooler and less creepy/sad/dirty/methy places to go in the city.

That being said…I did stumble across this store called Loved to Death, which was full of skulls, taxidermy, and curiosities. I fell in love with everything in the shop and if I was rich, I would have bought every single piece… Especially the shadow box art they had displayed in their special secret upstairs area…I wasn’t allowed pictures, but I can link you to their website so you can have a look for yourself… But basically they were beautifully decorated shadowboxes that featured bird headed humanoids in fancy clothing… also there was a lot of bird feet, which were totally gross and amazing. I highly recommend checking them out if you like taxidermy or curiosities. P.S. if I have any blog stalkers out there…one of these pieces would be an AMAZING gift to give me. 😀

We were getting a bit hungry and found Happy Doughnuts. It was finally time for Rob to experience his FIRST (but certainly not last) American Doughnut!!!

Photo 15-08-2013 09 30 49He went with the classic maple old fashioned doughnut and fell in love. I don’t blame him, old fashioned doughnuts are quality treats, definitely one of my favorites..but who am I kidding..I love all doughnuts (except filled ones…i’ll pass on those)

The doughnuts paired nicely with a cup of tea and people watching.

Our day was filled with exciting adventures and the skill avoidance of terrifying drug addicts and overall really, really perfect. I pride myself on being an excellent guide in California, giving my guests a little bit of a history lesson and sharing stories of weird run ins I have had with the locals, I like to think I did a good job in San Francisco.


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