West Coast Best Coast Road Trip 3

San Francisco continued…

Golden Gate Bridge/ Crissy Field

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most recognized and iconic landmarks of California, so obviously, if you are a good tourist, you’ll go visit the bridge, possibly walk across it, and then take your photo in front of it, all before the fog rolls in. It is difficult to find parking at the bridge, so be patient and bring a small car.

a757e730-ab57-4249-9908-c4736af1b226I don’t think I could possibly make a normal face if I tried. but then again, neither can Rob, so it kind of works itself out.

Photo 15-08-2013 09 42 04

Rob was excited to find a thistle in San Francisco. The Thistle is the floral emblem of Scotland.  Photo 15-08-2013 09 43 36

we also met this one footed seagull, I got very excited about it!Photo 15-08-2013 09 43 48These guys caught a shark off the pier, I told them they probably should put it back as leopard sharks are bottom feeders and there is an insane amount of pollution and nasty shit in the SF Bay water, but they decided to ignore me and the numerous signs that say what you should and shouldn’t eat from the bay and take it home. Gross!

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is undergoing construction to expand their building, so while the main building is closed they have set up numerous exhibits around the city, it’s SFMoMA On The Go!! Down at Crissy Field there is a beautiful selection of Mark Di Suvero sculptures. It’s free to go down, walk around, and even touch them! There are also FREE SFMoMA guided tours every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through May 25th of 2014! There is also FREE mobile guided tours provided by SFMoMa if you aren’t able to make the guided tours.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the SF MoMA and I try and make a stop there every time I visit the city. They have a truly stunning collection of work and it changes all the time, so every visit will be different. Plus they have one of the best art book stores that I have ever seen in a museum. I think everyone should plan a trip to the SFMoMA, even if you don’t have art lovers in your group, its a unique and wonderful experience, plus if the weather is unfavorable, they have a gorgeous cafe on the top floor that sells cakes that are created in the style of some modern art! (please be aware that the SFMoMA building will be under construction until 2016, so this magical cafe might not be available for some time…but trust me, San Francisco is in no short supply of tasty cafes)

If you would like to learn more about their expansion, please visit the SFMoMA website and watch the video they have created that talks about the expansion and what all the museum will have to offer after it is completed. It is VERY very exciting! I even got teary eyed when watching the video because I am so excited about everything the museum will offer the world.

After a long day of exploring the city, it was time to pick up my sister from work and go get our thai food on! We went to this lovely restaurant right around the corner from my sisters house called Chai Yo. The restaurant is on Polk Street, which is known for it’s delicious food and Bob’s Doughnuts! Obviously, my sister and I needed a post thai food doughnut, so we walked up a few blocks and enjoyed the sights and smells of Bob’s…

Photo 15-08-2013 09 52 02

the giant doughnut!!! Although this baby is 6 times the size of a regular doughnuts, it is not 6 times as good…i recommend getting a few regular sized doughnuts to enjoy rather than this beast. It’s a nice novelty gift, but if you want the true Bob’s experience, get a sampling of all their other delicious doughnut treats.

Photo 15-08-2013 09 56 17

you can never go wrong with choco sprinks!

they are so beautiful!!!

Photo 15-08-2013 09 53 37look at those perfectly golden babies…mmmmmmmm!!!! I was in heaven!

If there is one thing that you can learn from this blog, it is that I love eating and I love doughnuts more! So, if we are to ever go on a road trip together, leave your diets at the door! Some people boast about how they can drink you under the table…but boast about how many doughnuts I can eat…and it’s a lot! One of my goals in life is to eat a doughnut is every single state… I have quite a few taken care of, but, there is still probably about 80-85% of the states that haven’t contributed to my obsession/addiction.

If you want to help me reach my goal of 50* Doughnuts 50 States, please contact me so we can make arrangements for my next voyage!!

*If I’m being 100% honest…I’m going to eat way more than 50 doughnuts…in California alone I know of at least 5 doughnut shops that I already know and love and will need to hit up when I embark on my cross country doughnut fest.


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