West coast best coast road trip 4


Fairfield, California

I always consider Fairfield a city that you just drive by. To be perfectly honest, there really isn’t much there, save for auto malls. But to a first time visiter to the United States, Fairfield actually might be kind of cool! It is home to The Jelly Belly factory after all, and what do we love more than Jelly Bellies?? VERY FEW THINGS!


Although we didn’t partake in the factory tour (the store was overwhelmed by summer camp children), we had an awesome time exploring the gift shop, taking advantage of the sample bar, and the free fudge samples in the back! we even bought ourselves about 10 pounds worth of BellyFlops.

6614cb6f-66a7-4d4b-81c1-76ebb002b0e5so many flavors!! my excitement levels are out of control!!! We were pleased to find out that Jelly Bellies are vegetarian friendly and don’t contain any animal products, HORAY!!! now the only reason Rob and I will be getting sick is if we eat an entire bag of belly flops…which we may or may not have done. X_X

Photo 15-08-2013 09 59 34

The lovely Jelly Belly people gave us these awesome hats, even though we didn’t go on the tour (next time, i promise) and we got to pose with one of the three Jelly Belly Mobiles!Photo 15-08-2013 09 59 22CHECK OUT ALL OUR SWAG!! jelly belly hoooraaaay!!

After the jelly belly factory is was back in the car, once again, and onwards to SACRAMENTO!!!!





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