West coast best coast road trip 5

Sacramento/Granite Bay!!

I tried to prepare Rob for a real summer heat that was to greet us when we arrived in Sacramento, but there is really now way to prepare someone for 100+ degree heat, who has lived in a country that hasn’t seen 80 degrees in…EVER! I had the air conditioning in the car on full blast, but it barely made a difference.

Rob got a warm, and by warm I mean 110+ degrees, welcome from The Girls (my mom’s three dogs) when he arrived at the house in Granite Bay!! Penny, Winnie, and Dixie fell in love instantly and they wouldn’t leave him alone. Penny is the white lab below, she is such a big love bug!
Photo 15-08-2013 10 17 31

Basically… the few days we spent in sacramento was a non-stop eating fest! Rob had a whole lot of firsts while in Sacramento…


Photo 15-08-2013 10 15 31

order is in…

Photo 15-08-2013 10 15 45

the food has arrived!Photo 15-08-2013 10 16 11

ROB SLAMS! Photo 15-08-2013 10 15 59

and Claire gets SLAMMED! 😦 nearly finished…but i failed!

We drove around a lot, went to the mall so Rob could get some proper summer clothes, visited some of my favorite places



the best frozen yogurt in the entire universe!


if you are EVER in california, i don’t even care if you are in LA or SF or way up north, you MUST come to Roseville and eat at Honey Treat Frozen Yogurt. It is hands down, the most amazing frozen treat in the universe. I am a dessert/sweet treat connoisseur, so I know what I’m talking about. Honey Treat is one of the only reasons why I still go back to the Sacramento area. truth!
Photo 15-08-2013 09 59 55

look at them…they are so cute and beautiful! Photo 15-08-2013 10 01 49

even these Pip and Winnie dopplegangers like Honey Treat!
the first bite of heaven! Rob became a fan of Honey Treat almost instantly. Im so glad he did, otherwise i would have to kill him as it is my favorite place in the Sacramento area. It’s always my first stop when Im on my way home, no matter what the weather is like! even in the depths of winter, i need my honey treat! 😀
next stop…CHIPOTLE!!!!!!!!
Okay, if you know me at all, you know that I am addicted to burritos, and living in a county that doesn’t have a Chipotle and/or any decent burrito joints (that i have found yet) I knew I would be itching when I got back to california. And, as I am the greatest host in the world, I knew I needed to get Rob his first Chipotle experience taken care of as soon as possible.
As you can tell from the pictures… he loves it! This was the first of many chipotles over our two week road trip.
now that we’re back in scotland we have been trying every single burrito place we can find, we have found a few decent substitutes, but nothing as good as Chipotle. I Facebook them ALL the time begging them to open a store in Edinburgh. (the have 6 in London!)
P.s. before you get on my case about how Chipotle isn’t authentic or whatever… I know Chipotle isn’t very authentic mexican food, and I know that there are numerous restaurants, taco trucks, and burrito stands that have really great mexican food, I am not saying that they aren’t good, they are amazing!  I love all burritos, regardless of where they are from. Chipotle just has a certain something something that I just can’t get anywhere else, and that’s why I love it, not because it is the be all and end all of burritos, but because it holds a special place in my heart and it’s easier to get to than my other favorite place that is 7 hours away in Arcata.
Although we were only in Sacramento for a few days, Rob and I had such a great time swimming, playing with the dogs, going to the giant Galleria mall, and going to the California State Fair (stay tuned for the fair!)

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