West coast best coast road trip 6


I LOVE going to the state fair, although, usually I am not able to make it down to Sacramento to check it out due to work, but since I was on holiday at the right time, I decided it best to show Rob a beautiful cross section of Californian life and take him to Cal Expo!

The California State Fair has so many amazing things going on… it has carnival games, rides, giant cows, a comic book exhibit, booths about all the counties in California, and TONS of fair food! and, so many face-in-holes…which, if you know me at all, you know I love a good face-in-hole opportunity!

Lets star with the Arts and Crafts section of the fair…


HOW AMAZING IS THIS MONA LISA FAIR FACE IN HOLE?!?!?!? I saw it and fell in love instantly, its so incredible. Im so glad Rob was such a good sport and let me stop and take pictures with all of the cut outs at the fair!

We looked at some really great art from californian artists, met a really cool print maker called Jesus Cruz and I bought a few cards from him. One with a pig and chickens on it for my sister and one with skeletons and a cactus on it for me…they are so cool!

Next we went to find out first State Fair snack…

DIPPIN DOTS! the ice cream of the future. Rob had never had it, I don’t know if he’s sold…but he still ate them all!

Photo 15-08-2013 10 08 21We walked around the exhibition halls for a while, looking at the high school student work, we saw a bunch of stuff from the students my old art teacher has, they were so incredible! And the buildings were air conditioned, thank god!

Photo 15-08-2013 10 02 07I also fell in love with this neon sign a little bit…i love neon signs!! AH!

we couldn’t figure out how to get into the cantina…so we went to get MORE FOOD!

Photo 15-08-2013 10 08 59DEEP FRY ALL THE THINGS!

I love fair food…it makes me feel horrible, and I usually puke after I eat it, but DAMN its good

Photo 15-08-2013 10 08 37hahaha,  come on…that is hilarious!

next stop…LIVE STOCK PARADE!!!

Photo 15-08-2013 10 13 14

I feel you goat, I fall asleep eating all the time!Photo 15-08-2013 10 13 25

these cows are seriously big. and seriously cute!!

Photo 15-08-2013 10 11 20

pet pet pet! these goaties are so cute!!!Photo 15-08-2013 10 11 06

goat love! Photo 15-08-2013 10 10 42

heeheehee! GOATS!Photo 15-08-2013 10 10 03this cow is HELLA pregnant (I had to teach Rob what hella meant)

I was devastated to find out that the long horn cows weren’t there yet, i love those guys so much! they are so badass!! but they weren’t getting there until later in the week 😦

next stop…the Sci-Fi and Comic Book exhibit!!!

Photo 15-08-2013 10 20 32

aww Jabba ❤

Photo 15-08-2013 10 13 38 Photo 15-08-2013 10 13 02

giant iron man! so cool!!

this exhibit was so cool! I love comic books and star wars and all that sort of nerdy stuff, so I was in heaven in this place! It was my own mini Comic Con since I couldn’t get to San Diego for the Con this year!

We finished up our California State Fair adventure by looking at the exhibit about all of the counties in California. I started crying at the Humboldt County section, I miss that place so bad! Even though I will be back in the loving embrace of the redwood curtain in just a few short days, it still hurts my heart to not be there now!

Photo 15-08-2013 10 08 06

Rob also fell in love with this “vintage PT Cruiser”

He is so embarrassing some times, I had to explain to him what this car was and that it wasn’t a PT Cruiser. I don’t know why he likes PT Cruisers so much, but he’s obsessed with them!

Rob also talked me into doing a little test drive of an enormous Chevy truck before leaving Cal Expo, he wanted to drive it himself, but he doesn’t have a license, so he needed me to do it for him, the car salesmen gave him a lot of grief about it, but we didn’t care because we got free teeshirts and free air-conditioned seats in the car!!

Although it was horribly hot and there was no long horn cattle, we had a great day celebrating California and all its deep fried treats! I can’t wait until the fair next year!!!


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