about me

For as long as I can remember, I have needed to be on the go. Whether it be a quick visit to the city, a road trip to another state, or a full blown trek around the world, I have felt compelled to keep moving. Between my longing for adventure and my desire to be free, I have developed a serious case of itchy feet. [attention: I don’t actually have itchy feet, I haven’t picked up some strange foot ailment on my travels, I’m using the phrase as an idiom] The Road Trip Jar is the only thing that I consistently put money into (sorry savings account and retirement fund). And I am happiest when I am living out of my suitcase, when my entire life can be carried with me.

I need adventure because I love the way things glimmer the first time I see them, I love the way my heart jumps when I embark on my latest voyage, and I love the feeling I get when I look out my window and see nothing but the world in front of me…I would spend my life on the road if I could. Just a girl, a corgi, and an Airstream.

(Update: Still saving up for the Airstream, donations welcome)

p.s. a “voyage” typically refers to a journey made by boat (or spaceship), I am absolutely terrified of boats and the ocean (and don’t have a spaceship), so please be lenient with me. VoigtlanderVoyages sounds better any of the other synonyms for a journey or trip and I drive a car big enough it feels like a boat. Thanks friend!


Pip is the best and worst Co-Captain


2 thoughts on “about me

  1. I love this photograph. The road and the fog take me to different stories. I can make this a trajectory for a song or a novel–a girl on her way to see her lover, start of a good day walking a dog, a murder mystery story, vampire story. How a picture paint a thousand words.

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